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The NIH Clinical Center Recognizes Family Caregivers

Caregiver Resources

Below are information and links to online resources for caregivers. The National Institutes of Health Clinical Center does not endorse resources produced by external organizations. This material is provided for information only.

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NIH Clinical Center Caregiver Resources | Federal Caregiver Resources | Online Caregiver Resources

NIH Clinical Center Caregiver Resources  

Resource Description

*Caregiving at the NIH Clinical Center YouTube Icon

A brief video overview of NIH Clinical Center caregiver resources.

The Children's Inn

The Children's Inn monthly calendar of activities.

Edmond J. Safra Family Lodge

The Edmond J. Safra Lodge at the NIH.

NIH Clinical Center Fine Art Program

View the walking tour PDF Icon (126 KB) of the NIH Clinical Center's Fine Art exhibits.

NIH Clinical Center Recreation Therapy

Services and weekly schedule of activities available to NIH Clinical Center patients and their caregivers.

NIH Patient Library PDF Icon (136 KB)

A bibliography list of caregiver resources available in the NIH Patient library.

Nursing Department

Information about nursing at the NIH Clinical Center.

Nutrition Department

Patient room service menu, clinical nutrition services, and nutrition research services.

Office of Research Services, Division of Amenities and Transportation Services

Services include local banking, fitness, wellness, transportation and retail services and information for those in the NIH Community. Please view site for full listing of resources and more information.

*Social Work Department

Patient services, education and training, and annual conference information.

Spiritual Care Department

Services and resources, CC Weekly Chapel Schedule.

TIPS Video YouTube Icon

The TIPS program is an educational series of videos offered by the NIH Clinical Center.

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Federal Caregiver Resources  

Resource Description


Federal repository of caregiver resources.

The Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services

Website containing podcasts designed to help providers and caregivers think about the steps involved in medication management, especially during transitions to and from hospital, long term care, and home care settings.

U.S. Dept. of Labor Disability Resources

Federal government website that provides an interactive, community-driven information network of disability-related programs, services, laws and benefits.

Eldercare Locater

Nationwide service that connects older Americans and their caregivers with trustworthy local support resources.

Health for Seniors

Links to government health resources.

*National Cancer Institute

Support for Caregivers of Cancer Patients.

National Cancer Institute

Family Caregivers in Cancer.

*National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Numerous resources for understanding, finding, and applying complementary and alternative medicine.

*National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH)

Publications and resources on a variety of mental health topics.

National Institute on Aging

Information on NIA research and aging health.

National Library of Medicine

Several article databases, online exhibitions, and research information.

National Library of Medicine NLM4Caregivers

This is an official Facebook account of National Library of Medicine, Division of Specialized Information Services. The National Library of Medicine (NLM) is a part of the National Institutes of Health, US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

National Resource Directory
Search: "family and caregiver support"

Learn about caring for wounded warriors and find support groups and hospice information.

*NIH Medline Plus

Provides educational resources (English & Spanish), links to research, and health information and care tips for the caregiver.

NIH Senior Health

Health and wellness information for older adults, from the NIH.


Links to quality health information for caregivers, from the National Library of Medicine.

*Social Security Administration

Services for retirement, disability, Medicare, and social security.

Veterans Affairs – Caregiver Support

Support services, connections, and resources for caregivers of veterans.

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Online Caregiver Resources  

Resource Description

22 Health Risk Calculators for Healthy Aging

Fitness, health risk, mental health, vision and hearing self-calculators.

A Place for Mom, Inc.

Guide to finding elder care in your local area.


Tools, work sheets and tips on how to plan, prepare and succeed as a caregiver.

AARP Care for Yourself

Information on caring for the caregiver, practical advice for caring for individuals with specific types of illness, connect with other caregivers and resource center.


An online community that connects people caring for elderly parents to other caregivers, personalized information and local resources.

*Alzheimer's Association

Information and links to resources in local communities that offer personal support.

American Brain Tumor Association

Support groups, personal health tips, and caregiver tools for caregivers of persons with brain tumors.

*American Cancer Society

Offers caregiver support and coping information.

American Institute for Cancer Research

General cancer information, how to reduce your cancer risk, and current cancer research.

The American Psychological Association's Family Caregiver Briefcase

Professional tools and family caregiver information on caregiver research, education, advocacy, and resources.

Anxiety and Depression Association of America

Resources for families and patients affected by anxiety, depression and other mental health disorders.

Aplastic Anemia & MDS International Foundation, Inc.

Offer peer and professional support contact and education and caregiving resources.

ARCH National Respite Network

Assist families to locate respite resources in their local communities.


Guide to finding and comparing assisted living facilities in your local area. Also has Senior Living Advisors available by phone to assist with finding living facilities.

Search and compare assisted living facilities near you, or speak to a professional senior living advisor toll free.

Be the Match

Information on caring for the caregiver, practical advice for caring for individuals with specific types of illness, connect with other caregivers and resource center.

Blood & Marrow Transplant Information Network

Provides blood and marrow transplant resources that are accurate and easy-to-understand. Offers support and educational workshops for patients, families and friends when going through blood and marrow transplantation.


Free professional support to those affected by cancer, offers education, workshops, counseling services and financial assistance.

Cancer Care - Coping with the stress of Caregiving

Information and guidance for coping with the stress of caregiving.

Cancer Hope Network

Non-profit organization that provides free and confidential one-on-one support to cancer patients and their families.

Cancer Legal Resource Center

Provides information and education about cancer-related legal issues.

Cancer.Net - Being a Caregiver

Provides information and education, resources, guidance and information about caregiving.

Cancer Support Community

International non-profit dedicated to providing support, education and hope to people affected by cancer.

Care Compare, Inc.

A site that specializes in matching up adults that need care with those that can provide it with price and service comparisons.

*Caregiver Action Network

Provides education, peer support, and resources to family caregivers.

Caregiver Action Network - Accomplishments

Help for caregivers.

Caregivers Blog

Caregivers blog dedicated to supporting caregivers, family members and friends involved in elder care.

*Caregivers Project

Caregiver documentary, handbooks, and tools for family caregivers.

Caregiving Support Community - BLOG (Sponsored By Inspire)

Inspire connects patients, families, friends and caregivers for support and inspiration.

Online community of blogs, support groups, forums, and other resources for family caregivers.

Caregiving Nearby and Long Distance

Resources, guidance, and information regarding long-distance caregiving.

Free site to create video or website blog to stay connect with others.

Caregiving resources, expert advice on caregiving, and money and legal resources.


Free site to stay connected with friends and family while undergoing health challenges. Instructions for creating a free website on are available in the PDF document PDF Icon (21 KB).


Free resources, information and support for those serving as caregivers or grieving from loss.

Casey Health Institute

Integrative health and wellness center located near the NIH Bethesda campus.

Compassion Fatigue Awareness Project

The Compassion Fatigue Awareness Project is dedicated to educating caregivers about authentic, sustainable self-care and aiding organizations in their goal of providing healthy, compassionate care to those whom they serve.

Family & Nursing Care

Home care and in-home therapeutic massage to enhance quality of life for clients and families PDF Icon (215 KB) .

*Family Caregiver Alliance

Information, education, links to services, research and advocacy for caregivers.

Make a personal caregiver guide.

Hope Connections for Cancer Support

Their mission is to help people with cancer and their loved ones deal with the emotional and physical impact of cancer through professionally facilitated programs of emotional support, education, wellness and hope - all provided free of charge.

Joe's House

Online nation-wide lodging resource for cancer patients and their families who must travel away from home for medical treatment.

*The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS)

Offer educational and resources specifically for cancer caregivers.


Programs, partnerships, and resources for community support, professional services, and personal health.

Lotsa Helping Hands

Free website to create online community for organizing friends, families and community volunteers to help with caregiving.

Love & Coffee
The Life of a Cancer Caregiver

Blog of a cancer caregiver, updated weekly with links to resources, quotes and inspirational thoughts, and a series of cancer sketches.

*Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation

Non-profit, advocacy organization with information and resources for patients and caregivers affected by mesothelioma.

Metropolitan Washington Ear

Free services for blind, visually impaired, and physically disabled people who cannot effectively read print.

Montgomery County, Maryland Commission on Aging

Local county government resource that advocates for the health, safety and welfare of Montgomery county, MD older residents with links to services and resources for seniors.

My Cancer Circle

A free, private support community for caregivers of people facing cancer that contains an online tool for caregivers to help organize the community of people who want to help them.

National Alliance for Caregiving

Conduct research, develop national programs and increase the awareness of caregiving in the US. Offers educational resources, webcasts, and conference materials on caregiving.

National Association for Hospital Hospitality Houses

Resource to assist patients and their families find homes during treatment.

*National Brain Tumor Society

Workshops, connecting with peers and tips for caregivers for those with brain tumors.

National Caregiving Foundation

Links to caregiving resources, free caregiver support kit.

National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship

Living with cancer, cancer policies, survival tools, and other resources.

*National Marrow Donor Program

Links to free transplant caregiving resources, videos and presentations.

National Safety Council

A nonprofit, advocacy organization focused on saving lives by preventing injuries and deaths at work, in homes and communities, and on the road by offering best practice solutions addressing safety issues.


Free transplant caregiving resources and guides.

Support organization for those affected by pheochromocytoma with links to disease specific research, news, and updates.

Pheo Para Trooper

Support, resources, and events for patients and families affected pheochromocytoma.

Regent Healthcare

An accredited home healthcare service organization that offers professional, personal and companion caregivers to clients with needs.

Rosalynn Carter Institute for Caregiving

Links to service, research, advocacy and academic programs on caregiving.

Consumer rating and review site for senior living and home care nationwide, blog posts, tips for caregivers and resources.

Senior Planning

A comprehensive guide of state Medicaid programs (elder care, housing options, and long term care) with individual eligibility requirements.

Smith Center for Health and the Arts

A non-profit health, education, and arts organization offering integrative healing programs and resources for those affected by cancer.

White Lotus Wellness Center

A community center and welcomes providers and participants collaboratively to create and co-create sacred healing space. Practices and services are based on cultivating mindfulness, wholeness and connectedness.

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