Clinical Electives Program: Radiation Oncology

Fall, Winter, and Spring Sessions. Eight-Week Session

Program Staff:
Kevin A. Camphausen, M.D., Branch Chief
May H. Garcia, Clinical Program Administrator

Rotation Description
The Radiation Oncology Branch conducts clinical protocols both unique to the branch itself and in collaboration with other branches. Diseases commonly under treatment include primary breast cancer, soft tissue and bony sarcomas, small cell carcinoma of the lung, gliomas, lymphomas and Hodgkin's disease, a variety of pediatric neoplasms, head and neck cancers, and pancreatic cancers. The major thrust of patient management is outpatient. Typically, from two to five new patients a day are seen and from five to twenty follow-up patients are seen. Students will participate in the workup, evaluation, and planning of treatment for patients they see.


  • Kevin A. Camphausen, M.D.
  • Deborah Citrin, M.D.
  • Aradhan Kaushal, M.D.
  • DeeDee Smart, M.D.
  • Andra Krauze, M.D.
  • Aparna Kesarwala, M.D., Ph.D.