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Department of Laboratory Medicine

Laetitia Gorisse Curriculum Vitae

Educational History

2016-Present Postdoctoral fellow, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD, USA. Supervisor: Dr. David Sacks
2014-2016 Postdoctoral fellow, Medical Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. MEDyC Unit UMR CNRS/URCA n°7369, Faculty of Medicine, Reims, France. Supervisors: Prof. Philippe Gillery, Dr. Stéphane Jaisson
2011-2014 PhD candidate, Medical Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. MEDyC Unit UMR CNRS/URCA n°7369, Faculty of Medicine, Reims, France. Supervisors: Prof. Philippe Gillery, Dr. Stéphane Jaisson
2009-2011 MSc candidate, Interactions Cell-Microenvironnement. University of Sciences, Reims, France
2006-2009 Bachelor, Cellular and Physiological Biology. University of Sciences, Reims, France
Laetitia Gorisse

Publications & Contributions

Peer-Reviewed Papers

  • Maurice P., Baud S., Bocharova O.V., Bocharov E.V., Kuznetsov A.S., Kawecki C., Bocquet O., Romier B., Gorisse L., Ghirardi M., Duca L., Blaise S., Martiny L., Dauchez M., Efremov R.G., Debelle L. New Insights into Molecular Organization of Human Neuraminidase-1: Transmembrane Topology and Dimerization Ability. Scientific Reports 2016, 6:38363.
  • Gorisse L., Pietrement C., Jaisson S., Gillery P. Carbamylation des protéines : quand vieillissement protéique et chronologique se rejoignent. Médecine/Sciences, 2016, 8-9;32(8-9):684-6.
  • Gorisse L., Pietrement C., Vuiblet V.,  Schmelzer C.E.H., Köhler M., Duca L., Debelle L., Fornes P., Jaisson S., Gillery P. Protein carbamylation is a hallmark of aging. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 2016, 113(5):1191-6.
  • Gillery P., Jaisson S., Gorisse L., Pietrement C. Role of protein carbamylation in chronic kidney disease complications. Néphrologie & Thérapeutique, 2015, 11(3):129-34.
  • Pietrement C.*, Gorisse L.*, Jaisson S., Gillery P. Chronic increase of urea leads to carbamylated proteins accumulation in tissues in a mouse model of CKD. PLOS One, 2013, 8(12): e82506 (* equal contribution).
  • Jaisson S., Gorisse L., Pietrement C., Gillery P. Quantification of plasma homocitrulline using hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography (HILIC) coupled to tandem mass spectrometry. Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, 2011, 402(4): 1635-41.

Selected Oral Presentations

  • Glycation and carbamylation as mechanisms of elastin aging. European Elastin Meeting, Stuttgart, Germany. June 2016.
  • Carbamylation, a nonenzymatic post-translational modification of proteins associated with ageing. Ageing, London, United Kingdom. February 2016.
  • Tissue accumulation of carbamylated proteins during ageing. Europe Matrix Biology, Rotterdam, Netherlands. June 2014.
  • Carbamylation of type I collagen during chronic renal failure. Société Française de Biologie de la Matrice Extracellulaire, Strasbourg, France. March 2013.
  • Tissue accumulation of carbamylation derived products during chronic renal failure in mice. International Maillard Reaction Society, Nancy, France. September 2012

Honors and Awards

2016 Charles Grupper Award, LEO Pharma, Paris, France
2016 Young Researcher Award, SFR CAP-Santé, Amiens, France
2015 Thesis Research Award, University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne, France
2014 Popularization Award, My Thesis in 180 Seconds, CPU-CNRS, Reims, France

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