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Going Green: Decrease Paper Usage

Recycling binsAccording to the Environmental Protection Agency, the average office worker generates about two pounds of paper and paperboard products every day. The EPA also reports that 90 percent of all office waste is paper due to mistakes printed on a printer, bad photocopies, or out-of-date memos and other material. The Clinical Center green team is committed to using natural resources responsibly, including the use of copy and printer paper.

Here are ways you can help support this effort:

  1. Think before you print.
    According to the 2009 Government Printing Assessment, the average federal employee prints 7,200 pages per year. You can help conserve national resources by thinking before you print.
  2. Set standards for paper usage during meetings and conferences.
    Don’t bring more copies than you will need and make sure attendees know what to expect. 
  3. Store documents electronically.
    Whenever possible, store and transfer documents electronically to decrease the use of copy and printer paper.
  4. Consider document format before you print.
    Documents are often formatted using more paper than they actually require, think before you print and reformat documents whenever possible.
Page last updated: 06/26/2015