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Radiology and Imaging Sciences

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Ronald L. Levin, ScD
Biomedical Engineer
Radiology and Imaging Sciences

Academic Degrees
SB, MIT, Cambridge, MA
SM., MIT, Cambridge, MA
ScD, MIT, Cambridge, MA


Phone: 301-496-4454


Dr. Levin's federal career began as a member of the Biomedical Engineering and Instrumentation Program of NCRR where one of his major research areas of research was in the fields of bio-heat and mass transfer, specifically, hyperthermia. Together with Dr. Denis LeBihan of the Clinical Center and others, he developed a method of measuring temperature non-invasively during the hyperthermic treatment of tumors using magnetic resonance imaging. This work culminated in the development of a hyperthermia system that was able to deliver heat accurately, effectively, and with precise control to deep-seated tumors.

After working in the field of hyperthermia, he led the development of a multi-modality 3-D image processing system for what is now called the Laboratory of Diagnostic Radiology Research of the Clinical Center. Presently, several hundred NIH scientists and staff are using RAD&IS supplied and maintained file servers, research PACS, and image processing software packages such as MEDx, ANALYZE, PV-wave, IDL, etc. for the analysis and visualization of multi-modality medical images.

Honors and Awards

1990 Magna Cum Laude Citation from the Radiological Society of North America for the paper "Non-Invasive Temperature Mapping using Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Molecular Diffusion" by D. LeBihan, J. Delannoy, and R.L. Levin.

1991 Sylvia Sorkin Greenfield Award from the American Association of Physicists in Medicine for the paper "Hyperthermia System combined with a MRI Unit" published in Medical Physics., 17: 855-860, 1990 by J. Delannoy, D. LeBihan, D.I. Hoult, and R.L. Levin. This award is for the best, non-dosimetry, paper to be published in Medical Physics during 1990.

Fellow, American Society of Mechanical Engineering, 1994.

Recipient of NIH Director’s Award, 1994.

JFR 2002 Prize to ACR/NEMA DICOM Working Group 16 for contributing to improvements in magnetic resonance imaging

Selected Publications

Delannoy, J., LeBihan, D., Chen, C-N, Turner, R., Hoult, D.I., and Levin, R.L.: Non-invasive temperature mapping using magnetic resonance imaging of molecular diffusion: application to hyperthermia. SMRM Workshop on Future Directions in MRI of Diffusion and Microcirculation, pp. 269-273, 1990.

Levin, R.L., Douglas, MD.., Frank, J.A., and Gladish, R.: Multimodality Radiological Image Processing System. Visualization in Biomedical Computing 1992, ed. R.A. Robb, pp. 487-494, 1992.

Levin, R.L., and Douglas, MD: MRIPS/MEDx, A System for Medical Image Processing. Proceedings of the 1994 AIPR Meeting, ed. J. Costalinos, 1994.

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