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Roberto Maass-Moreno, PhD
Physicist, Nuclear Medicine
Radiology and Imaging Sciences

Academic Degrees
Physicist, UNAM, Mexico
PhD, Biomedical Engineering, Case Western Reserve University


Phone: 301-402-8983


Dr. Maass-Moreno trained in Nuclear Medicine Physics under Drs. Stephen L. Bacharach (NIH) and William J. McIntyre (Cleveland Clinic Foundation). He trained in Cardiovascular Physiology and Control under Drs. Peter G. Katona (Case Western Reserve University) and Carl F. Rothe (Indiana University). His current research interests include quantitative image analysis, motion and attenuation correction, radiation dosimetry and MR/PET imaging.

Recent Publications/Presentations

Individualized radiation dose calculation for PET and current-modulated CT. J. Fazio and R. Maass-Moreno.  Biomedical Engineering Society Annual Meeting, Hartford, CT 2011.

Multi PET-scanner statistical analysis comparison.  S. Adler, R. Maass-Moreno, P. Choyke and K. Kurdziel. J. Nucl. Med. 52:470P, 2011.

Real-time FDG PET guidance during biopsies and radiofrequency ablation using multimodality fusion with electromagnetic navigation.  Venkatesan AM, Kadoury S, Abi-Jaoudeh N, Levy EB, Maass-Moreno R, Krücker J, Dalal S, Xu S, Glossop N, and Wood BJ. Radiology 260:848, 2011.

Maass-Moreno, R and S. Bacharach. ‘Imaging Instrumentation’ in Nuclear Cardiac Imaging: Principles and Applications. Fourth Edition. Ami E. Iskandrian and Ernest V. Garcia. Oxford University Press, 2008

Li, G., H Xie, H Ning, D Citrin, J Capala, R Maass-Moreno et al. Accuracy of_3D volumetric image registration based on CT, MR and PET/CT phantom_experiments._ Journal of Applied Clinical_Medical Physics (in press)

Freedman, NMT, R Maass-Moreno, L Le Meunier and SL Bacharach. Identification of contrast media in PET/CT using dual energy CT. IEEE Transactions on Nucl Science 54(3):1-5, 2007

Le Meunier, L, R Maass-Moreno, J Carrasquillo, W Dieckmann and S. Bacharach: PET/CT imaging: Effect of respiratory motion on apparent myocardial uptake. J Nucl Cardiol 2006; 13:821

Post-reconstruction, rigid-body motion correction for PET images. Maass-Moreno, R Dieckmann, W. et al. J. Nucl. Med. 2008:(49)60P

Use of 96Tc-MIBI PET data to model dynamic cardiac SPECT. Winnant, CD, WE Dieckmann, SL Bacharach, R. Maass-Moreno, SE Bates and B. Hasegawa J Nucl. Med 2008:(49)150P

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