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Department of Clinical Research Informatics

DCRI Organizational Chart Text-Equivalent

CIO, NIH Clinical Center
Jon McKeeby

Reporting to the CIO are the following:

  • Special Projects
    Yvonne Almazan
    Lay Khoo

  • Assistant to the CIO
    Sharon McDowney

  • Deputy CIO, Clinical Informatics
    Michelle Lardner

  • Deputy CIO, Technical Operations
    Jim Pitts

  • Chief, Medical Information Officer
    Dr. David Herion

  • Chief, Portfolio Officer
    Sue Houston

  • Chief, Budget and Capital Planning
    Joyce Yarington

  • Clinical Architect
    Seth Carlson

  • CC CISO, CC Information Security Office
    Jothi Dugar

Reporting to the Deputy CIO, Clinical Informatics are the following:

  • Liaison Team
    Minnie Raju (L)

    Liaison Team include:
    • Rubi Defensor
    • Christine Wellesley
    • Adrienne Barrett
    • Rica Cunanan(C)
    • Natasha Havenfield(C)
  • Clinical Build Team

    Clinical Build Team include:
    • Tim Fink
    • Telisha Rivera
    • Christopher Siwy
    • Jennifer Hephner
    • Norma Street
    • Vicki Skahill (C)
    • Frank Mickey (C)
    • Lincoln Farnum (C)
    • MaryJo Godwin (C)
    • Victoria Zihmer (C)
  • Clinical Center Privacy Officer
    Sue Martin

Reporting to the Clinical Center Privacy Officer are the following:

  • Privacy Office include:
    • Fred Vorck
  • Support / Training / Analysis / CRIS Security

    CRIS Training and Analysis Team include:
    • Claribel Sawyerr
    • Claudia Briguglio
    • Kim Stevens

Reporting to the Deputy CIO, Technical Operations are the following:

  • Chief, Server Support and Data Center Operations
    John Kocher

    Systems Administration Team include:
    • Dempsey Dunn (L)
    • David Vinh
    • Brett Gellman
    • Doug Butters
    • Barrett Grieb
    • Todd Myrick
    • Brad Snakenberg
    • Arthur Cain
    • Alex Gregg
    Systems Monitoring Team include:
    • Pam Carter (L)
    • Gayle Slade
    • Van Ly
    • Michael Burke
    • Ray Redmond
    • Sylvester Smith (C)
    Unix Administration Team include:
    • Chris Klein
    • Tim Salo
    Network Administration Team include:
    • Richard Walker
    • Jason Chan
  • Chief, Clinical Applications
    Tony Barnes

  • Interface Team
    Yenshei Liu

    Interface Team include:
    • Stephen Blackwell
    • Robert Stehr
    • Sundari Ravichandran
    Clinical Database Team include:
    • Tom Dawson (L)
    • Tim Maloney
    • Mike McGann
    • Mike Nansel
    • May Chen
    • Stephen Thompson
    Applications and Administrative Database Team include:
    • Murali Kumar (L)
    • Richard Farina
    • Phil Lightfoot
    • Steve Moore
    • Tadele Yenegeta
    • Grace Chen
    • Hong Chen
    • Sharon Mowatt
    • Grace Meng (C)
    • Tim Li (C)
    • Bibek Adhikari (C)
    • James Winters (C)
  • Specialized Projects Team
    William Hernandez

    Specialized Projects Team include:
    • Mukesh Khatri
    • Anthony Joseph
    • Tom Morton
    • Larry Harris
    • Keith Adams
    • Stacey Coleman
    • Taimoore Rajah
    • Makan Moinzadeh(C)
    • Clarence Shaw III(C)
  • Chief, Technical and Clinical Customer Support
    Bertram Brown

    Tier II Support Team include:
    • Theresa Eng (L)
    • Amin Saeed
    • Eric Clark
    • Manjula Patel
    • Larry Logan
    • Devery Donovan
    • Tam Tran
    • Patty Dutcher
    • Golnar Miamee
    • Leandro Gooding (C)
    • Damon Clark (C)
    • George Ferguson (C)
    • Anthony Battle (C)
    Service Center Team include:
    • Christopher McLean (L)
    • Sandra Rodgers
    • Sabrina Lindsay
    • Lovelee Pannell

Reporting to the Chief, Budget and Capital Planning are the following:

  • Program Support
    • Maria Jarquin
  • Inventory & Property Management
    • Siron Ariel
    • Dayna Siler (C)

Reporting to the Chief, Portfolio Officer are the following:

  • Technical Architect
    Steve Bergstrom

    CM Team include:
    • Daniel Von Kauffmann
    • Candice Scarborough (C)
    • Gregory Naar (C)
  • Project Management Office
    Ryan Kennedy

    Project Management Office Team include:
    • Nicole White
    • Yulia Broydo
    • John Cooper
    • Diane Nugent
    • Mindy Nghiem (C)
    Test Team include:
    • Jeanne Preuss
    • Inna Etin
    • Ashley Givens

Reporting to the CC CISO, CC Information Security Office include:

  • Chris Chern
  • John Lee
  • Paul Lee
  • Beatrix Zheng
  • Ali Imran (C)
  • Dennis Delrosario (C)
  • Vacancy

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