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Bench-to-Bedside Program

Application Instructions and Deadlines

  1. Program Deadlines
  2. Instructions for Bench-to-Bedside Applications
    1. Requirements for Letter of Intent (LOI)
    2. Requirements for Full Proposal
  3. ProposalCentral Customer Service Contact Information
  4. Guidelines and Tips for the Application

Program Deadlines



April 30, 2018 Call for proposals
May 7, 2018 Meeting in the Clinical Center to address applicant questions
May 29, 2018 Letter of Intent (LOI) submitted online by intramural PI
June 19, 2018 Investigators notified of SD(s) decision to support submission of full proposal
July 27, 2018 Full proposals submitted online by intramural PI
October 2018 Scientific merit review
December 2018/January 2019 Notification sent to applicants
February/March 2019 Earliest start date

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Instructions for Bench-to-Bedside Applications

The first step in the application process requires the intramural investigator to submit a letter of intent (LOI) electronically via proposalCentral. LOIs are reviewed by the Scientific Director for each intramural investigator on a project. The LOI allows Scientific Directors an opportunity to advise principal investigators regarding the proposal prior to formal submission. The LOI should be submitted electronically no later than May 29, 2018.

The intramural investigator submitting the LOI will be notified via email whether the LOI is approved. If it is, he or she may proceed with submitting a full proposal in proposalCentral.

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Requirements for Letter of Intent (LOI):

The letter of intent is the first step in the BtB application process. LOIs will be submitted via an online database at To assist with online submissions, a tip sheet PDF Icon is available.

  1. Project title
  2. If a resubmission, indicate when the proposal was previously submitted
  3. Contact information and IC(s)/institution(s) of all intramural and extramural investigators
  4. Estimated budget, to show only an estimate of annual total costs for each investigator receiving funds
  5. Summary of Project, to include overall summary, specific project's aims, approach, and a brief explanation of the contributions of each project collaborator. The character limit is 5000, including spaces.
  6. Categories for which proposal might be considered. Please check all categories which are appropriate. Categories include AIDS, Behavioral & Social Sciences, Dietary Supplements, Minority Health, Rare Diseases and Women's Health. All applications not funded by the Donor Offices are automatically considered for funding in the general category using Stable Funds provided by the NIH Director.

The lead PI can enable colleagues to access the LOI online during development; however the lead intramural PI must submit the completed LOI, which will be reviewed by her/his Scientific Director and the Scientific Directors of the other intramural investigators listed on the project. The lead intramural PI will be notified via email whether or not the Scientific Director(s) have approved the project.

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Requirements for Full Proposal:

Once endorsement from the Scientific Director has been received, the system can be accessed for development of the full proposal. Full proposals must be submitted online by the intramural PI at

The following information must be entered accurately and completely:

  1. Investigator(s) name(s), IC(s) or institution(s), contact information, and roles.
  2. Abstract. This section will be automatically pre-populated by summary provided in LOI, and may be amended.
  3. Research Proposal. (No more than 6 pages of 11 point Arial text with 0.5 inch margins, including tables and figures, excluding references). The following format is suggested for your application:
    • Significance and background
    • Specific Aims
    • Research strategy, including hypotheses, preliminary results, experimental plan, milestones (NOTE: If proposals includes a clinical trial, please include a separate protocol synopsis with a two page limit.)
    • Budget justification
  4. Budget Form excel spreadsheet icon. (can also be downloaded on the proposalCentral website)
    • If applicable, budget requests for extramural partners should include an existing extramural grant number that is to receive the supplement and must include the indirect costs. If the extramural collaborator does not have a grant when the BtB application is submitted, supplemental funding may be delayed or denied.
  5. NIH Biosketch for all principal and associate investigators.
  6. Checklist excel spreadsheet icon. (can also be downloaded on the proposalCentral website)

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ProposalCentral Customer Service Contact Information

Customer support with online submissions for LOIs and/or full proposals will be provided by proposalCentral.

Contact information is: e-mail:; Phone: 800 875 2562 (toll-free) or +1 703 964 5840 (direct dial international) during normal business hours. Monday through Friday, 8:30am - 5:00pm Eastern Time.

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Guidelines and Tips for the Application Process

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NOTE: PDF documents require the free Adobe Reader.

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