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Bench-to-Bedside Program

2014 Bench-to-Bedside Funded Projects

AIDS CATEGORY: Projects funded by Office of AIDS Research (OAR)

Project Institute or Institution/Investigators
Cardiometabolic Effects of Eplerenone in HIV Infection NIAID: Hadigan, Colleen
CC: Bluemke, David; Liu, Chia-Ying; Morse, Caryn
NINR: Henderson, Wendy
Massachusetts General Hospital: Grinspoon, Steven; Takara, Stanley
Targeting tissue factor in HIV/SIV infection NIAID: Sereti, Irini; Francischetti, Ivo; Andrade, Bruno de Bezerril; Schechter, Melissa
University of Pittsburgh: Pandrea, Ivona
Anakinra, an IL-1 receptor antagonist, for neuroinflammation in HIV-1 NINDS: Nath, Avindra; Smith, Bryan; Bhagavatheeshwaran, Govind; Auh, Sungyoung; Jacobson, Steven
NIAID: Lau, Chuen-Yen; Tramont, Edmund; DerSimonian, Rebecca
CC: Morse, Caryn; Kovacs, Josep
NCI: Maldarelli, Frank
NIA: Rapoport, Stanley
NIMH: Snow, Joseph; Kapetanovic, Suad
NIAMS: Goldbach-Mansky, Raphaela
Johns Hopkins University: Sacktor, Ned; Pardo, Carlos; McArthur, Justin
Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences: Agan, Brian; Ganesan, Anuradha; Anorworanich, Jintanat

RARE DISEASE CATEGORY: Projects Funded by Office of Rare Disease Research (ORDR)

Project Institute or Institution/Investigators
CAR-modified CD8+ memory stem cells targeting B-cell malignances NCI: Gattinoni, Luca; Kochenderfer, James
CC: Stroncek, David; Sabatino, Marianna
NIAID: Roederer, Mario
University of Pennsylvania: June, Carl
Targeted therapy in immunodeficient patients with mutations in PI3K genes NIAID: Lenardo, Michael; Rao, Koneti; Su, Helen; Uzel, Gulbu
CC: Kuehn, Hyesun; Fleisher, Thomas; Rosenzweig, Sergio
NIGMS: Lucas, Carrieww
Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai: Cunningham-Rundles, Charlotte
Novartis: Burkhart, Christoph; Christ, Andreas

BEHAVIORAL & SOCIAL SCIENCES CATEGORY: Project funded by Office of Behavioral & Social Sciences Research (OBSSR)

Project Institute or Institution/Investigators
Selective Dopamine D4 Receptor-Targeting Compounds as Pro-Cognitive Drugs NICHD: Buonanno, Andres
Yale University: Corlett, Philip; Krystal, John

DIETARY SUPPLEMENTS CATEGORY: Project Funded by Office of Dietary Supplements (ODS)

Project Institute or Institution/Investigators
Mechanisms and treatment of copper-related motor neuron disease NICHD: Kaler, Stephen; Feldman, Benjamin
NIA: Traynor, Bryan
University of Missouri-Columbia: Petris, Michael

MINORITY HEALTH CATEGORY: Project funded by National Institute on Minority Health & Health Disparities

Project Institute or Institution/Investigators
Telomere Diseases in Pregnant Women NHLBI: Townsley, Danielle; Young, Neal; Dumitriu, Bogdan
NHGRI: Merideth, Melissa
NICHD: Stratton, Pamela
Massachusetts General Hospital: Fogerty, Annemarie; Dzik, Walter

IC FUNDED: Project funded by the National Institute Diabetes and Degestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK)

Project Institute or Institution/Investigators
Mechanisms of microbial translocation in hepatitis C related liver disease NIDDK: Heller, Theo; Rehermann, Barbara; Koh, Christopher; Gharib, Ahmed; Abd-Elmoniem, Khaled; Etzion, ohadmd Ohad
NCI: Kleiner, David
CC: Levy, Elliott
University of Colorado: Everson, Gregory

* Funding for projects provided in FY 2015 and 2016.

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