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Bench-to-Bedside Program

2012 Bench-to-Bedside Funded Projects

AIDS CATEGORY: Projects funded by Office of AIDS Research (OAR)

Project Institute or institution/Investigators
Anti-PD-1 antibody to eradicate HBV in HBV/HIV co-infection NIAID: Barrett, Lisa; Kottilil, Shyam; Kohil, Anita; Meissner, Eric
CC: Suffredini, Anthony
SAIC-Frederick: Osinusi, Anu
Nationwide Children's Hospital: Walker, Christopher
Inflammation and Function of P-gp in HIV Infection of Brain NIMH: Kreisl, William; Innis, Robert; Kapetanovic, Suad
NINDS: Nath, Avi
CC: Morse, Caryn; Penzak, Scott
University of California, San Diego: Best, Brookie; Heaton, Robert; Letendre, Scott
Targeting Lysyl Oxidase-like-2 to Inhibit Hepatic Fibrogenesis in HIV CC: Morse, Caryn; Kovacs, Joseph; Wood, Brad
NIAID: Meissner, Eric; Kottilil, Shyam
NCI: Kleiner, David
NIDDK: Heller, Theo; Gharib, Ahmed
Inova Health System: Goodman, Zachary
University of Maryland School of Medicine: Talwani, Rohit
Effect of HIV Superinfection on Disease Progression and Immune Response NIAID: Quinn, Thomas; Porcella, Steve
Johns Hopkins University: Gray, Ronald; Kirk, Gregory

WOMEN'S HEALTH CATEGORY: Project funded by Office of Research on Women's Health (ORWH)

Project Institute or institution/Investigators
Molecular Epidemiology of Postpartum Involution of the Breast: Demonstration of Tools for Understanding Influences of Pregnancy on Breast Cancer Risk NCI: Sherman, Mark; Fapuel-Badger, Jessica.; Hewitt, Stephen; Balkam, JJ.; Gierach, Gretchen; Flanders, Kathy |
CC: Bluemke, David
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine: Meeker, Alan
University of Massachusetts Amherst: Arcaro, Kathleen

GENERAL CATEGORY: Projects co-funded by Deputy Director for Intramural Research (DDIR) and ICs

Project Institute or institution/Investigators
CD22 Chimeric Antigen Receptors Targeting Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia NCI: Mackall, Crystal; Wayne, A.S.; Fry, Terry; Orentas, Rimas; Haso, Waleed
CC: Stroncek, David
University of Pennsylvania: Levine, Bruce; June, Carl
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia: Grupp, Stephan
Defining the Functional Role of STAT4 in human systemic lupus erythematosus NIAMS: O'Shea, John
NHGRI: Kastner, Dan; Remmers, Elaine
NIDCR: Illei, Gabor Geza
Cincinnati Children's Hospital: Harley, John

RARE DISEASES CATEGORY: Projects co-funded by Office of Rare Diseases Research, National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (ORDR/NCATS), the Deputy Director for Intramural Research (DDIR) and ICs

Project Institute or institution/Investigators
T cell adoptive therapy for viral infection after stem cell transplantation NHLBI: Barrett, John
NIAID: Douek, Daniel
CC: Stroncek, David Baylor
College of Medicine: Bollard, Catherine
Genetic Characterization and Outcome in Congenital Disorders of Muscle NINDS: Bonneman, Carsten
Children's Research Institute (CNMC): Walker, Christopher; Hoffman, Eric
University of California, Davis: McDonald, Craig
Choroid Plexus-Directed Gene Therapy for Lysosomal Storage Disease NICHD: Kaler, Stephen
NHLBI: Kotin, Robert
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia: Wolfe, John
Elucidation of cancer metabolism by Stable isotope-Resolved Metabolomics NCI: Linehan, Marston
NICHD: Roualt, Tracey Ann
University of Lousiville: Lane, Andrew; Fan, Teresa
Treatment of Anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis NINDS: Nath, Avi; Cortese, I.; Jacobson, S.; Roche, K.
CC: Hammoud, Dima Ali
University of Pennsylvania: Dalmau, Joseph; Balice-Gordon, Rita
Metabolic phenotyping of Parkin mutation associated Parkinson's Disease NHLBI: Sack, Michael
NINDS: Youle, Richard
University of Central Florida: Han, Xianlin
Metabolic Phenotyping in Methylmalonic Acidemia: Markers and Drug Response NHGRI: Venditti, C.; Manoli, E.
NIDDK: Chen, Kong Yin
Children's National Medical Center: Tuchman, Mendel
Developing and validating membrane biomarkers in the muscular dystrophies NICHD: Zimmerberg, Joshua; Blank, Paul; Basser, Peter; Humphrey, Glen
NINDS: Bonnemann, Carsten
University of Massachusetts Worcester: Brown, Robert
University of Maryland: Bloch, Robert

INSTITUTE FUNDED: Projects funded by ICs

Project Institute or institution/Investigators
Blockade of Kisspeptin Signaling in Women NICHD: Delaney, Angela
Harvard Medical School: Seminara, Stephanie
Massachusetts General Hospital: Crowley, William
Transcriptional responses to LAIV in bulk and single resident URT cells NIAID: Subbarao, Kanta
Stanford University: Sen, Adrish; Greenberg, Harry; He, X.

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