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Bench-to-Bedside Program

2009 Bench-to-Bedside Funded Projects


Project Investigators
Connectivity Analysis for Investigation of Auditory Impairment in Epilepsy NICHD: Horowitz, Barry
NINDS: Theodore, William
Johns Hopkins University: Boatman, Diana
Searching for Persistence of Infection in Lyme Disease NIAID: Marques, Adriana
Tufts University: Hu, Linden; Telford III, Sam
Yale University: Krause, Peter

AIDS CATEGORY: Projects funded by Office of AIDS Research (OAR)

Project Investigators
MYH9 Genetic Variation in Kidney Disease Among African-Americans NIDDK: Kopp, Jeffrey; Gharib, Ahmed
NCI: Winkler, Cheryl
NEI: Chew, Emily
P.G. County Hospital: Berhane, Daniel
Washington Hospital Center: Light, Jimmy
Development of a Diagnostic Test for Latent Tuberculosis Infection NIDCR: Burbelo, Peter
CC: Kovacs, Joseph
Cardiometabolic Assessment in HIV NIAID: Hadigan, Colleen
NIDDK: Gharib, Ahmed; Kong, Chen; Skarulis, Monica
CC: Bluemke, David
Johns Hopkins University: Lai, Shenghan

RARE DISEASE CATEGORY: Projects Funded by Office of Rare Disease Research (ORDR)

Project Investigators
Frequency and TCR Diversity of FOXP3+ Regulatory T Cells in Chronic GVHD NIAID: Tran, Dat; Shevach, Ethan
NCI: Pavletic, Steven
MD Anderson: Cooper, Laurence
GABAB Receptor Antagonist SGS-742 Treatment in SSADH Deficiency NINDS: Theodore, William
University of Pittsburth: Gibson, Kenneth
Children's National Medical Center: Pearl, Phillip
Aneurysm Formation in Patients with Mutations in STAT3 NHLBI: Boehm, Manfred; Beltran, Leilani; Walts, Avram; San, Hong
NIAID: Freeman, Alexandra; Holland, Steven
NIDDK: Gharib, Ahmed
NHGRI: Davis, Joie
Johns Hopkins University: Dietz, Hal
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center: Davis, Scott
Genomic and Stem Cell Approaches to Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis NIAID: Su, Helen; Lenardo, Michael
NLM: Schaffer, Alejandro
Cincinnati Children's Hospital: Filipovich, Alexandra
University of Toronto: Zuniga-Pflucker, Juan Carlos
Leukotriene Inhibition for the Amelioration of Bronchiolitis Obliterans NCI: Gress, Ron
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center: Lee, Stephanie
Johns Hopkins University: Chen, Allen
Repositioning Metformin as an Anti-Cancer Agent in Li-Fraumeni Syndrome NCI: Dennis, Phillip; Harris, Curtis; Fraumeni, Joseph; Savage, Sharon
University of Toronto: Malkin, David

MINORITY HEALTH CATEGORY: Project funded by National Institute on Minority Health & Health Disparities

Project Investigators
Targeting mTOR as a Novel Mechanism-Based Therapy for Head and Neck Cancer NIDCR: Gutkind, J.Silvio; Molinolo, Alfredo
NIDCD: Van Waes, Carter
NCI: Dennis, Phil; Steinberg, Seth
SAIC-Frederick: Veenstra, Timothy
University of South Carolina: Day, Terry; Kirkwood, Keith; Rosenzweig, Steven
Hemolysis-Associated Hemostatic Activation in Sickle Cell Disease NHLBI: Kato, Gregory
NCI: Roberts, David
CC: Lozier, Jay
University of Pittsburgh: Novelli, Enrico; Isenberg, Jeffrey; Ragni, Margaret; Gladwin, Mark


Project Investigators
Gene Expression Profiling to Predict Sickle Cell Anemia Sub-Phenotypes NHLBI: Taylor, James; Kato, Gregory; Minniti, Caterina; Raghavachari, Nalini; Xu, Xiuli
Howard University: Gordeuk, Victor; O'Neal, Patricia
Boston University School of Medicine: Klings, Elizabeth


Project Investigators
Genetic Markers of CNS Adverse Events During Interferon Treatment NIMH: Laje, Gonzalo; McMahon, Francis
NIDDK: Ghany, Marc
University of Michigan: Fontana, Robert
Clopidogrel Pharmacogenetics: Practical Application NCI: Figg, William
FDA: Pacanowski, Michael; Madabushi, Rajnikanth

BEHAVIORAL & SOCIAL SCIENCES CATEGORY: Project funded by Office of Behavioral & Social Sciences Research (OBSSR)

Project Investigators
FTO and Eating in Absence of Hunger NICHD: Yanovski, Jack; Han, Joan
NIDDK: Yanovski, Susan
CC: Kozlosky, Merel; Sebring, Nancy
Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences: Tanofsky-Kraff, Marian; Shomaker, Lauren

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