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Bench-to-Bedside Program

2004 Bench-to-Bedside Funded Projects

Project Institute or institution/Investigators
Neural substrates underlying motor control of a newly implanted hand transplant NIAMS: Cendales; L
NINDS: Cohen, Leonardo
Development of Non-invasive treatment for uterine leiomyoma (fibroids) NIEHS: Davis, B.
NCI: Partners
: Stratton, Pam CC: Partners
Infrared and Near Infrared Image Guided Minimally Invasive Assessment of Renal Perfusion during Donor Nephrectomies and Partial Nephrectomies NIDDK: Elster, E.; Kirk, Allan
NCI: Partners ORS: Partners
Novel Approach for treatment of squamous cell malignancies with 17-AAG and bortezomib NCI: Gius, D.; Neckers, Len
: Van Waes, Carter
Therapeutic application of intravascular nitrite for sickle cell disease CC: Gladwin, M
: Cannon, Richard
Intermediate phenotype and genetic mechanisms for psychosis and cognitive disturbance in 22q11.2-hemideletion syndrome

NCI: Meyer-Lindenberg, A. 
NIAAA: Goldman, David NIMH: Partners

Molecular profiling of response to proteasome inhibition by bortezomib (PS341) in a clinical trial of mantle cell lymphoma NHLBI: Weistner, Adrian
: Wilson, Wyndham
A Phase I/II pilot study to evaluate the treatment of intraocular lymphoma with BL22 immunotoxin NEI: Nussenblatt, Robert
: Pastan, Ira
Immunotherapy for Myelodysplastic Syndrome NHLBI: Barrett, John
: Douek, Daniel NCI: Rosenberg, Steve
A Phase I Treatment Trial of the Circadian Sleep Disturbance in Smith-Magenis Syndrome (SMS) NHGRI: Smith, Ann
CC: Grimes, George
Pre-clinical non-human primate studies of an invo selectable vector intended for use in a planned clinical trial of gene therapy for chronic granulomatous disease NIAID: Malech, Harry
: Dunbar, Cynthia
solation and Characterization of Circulating Endothelial Cells in Primary Pulmonary Hypertension: Implications for Early Diagnosis and Novel Therapeutic Targets CC: Solomon, Michael; Danner, Robert
: Partners
Evaluation of the anti-IL-2/IL-15Rb monoclonal antibody Hu MiK-b-1 in a therapeutic trial in patients with HAM/TSP and a test of hypotheses concerning the role of IL-15 in the maintenance of CD8+ memory T-cells and in the pathogenesis of HAM/TSP NINDS: Jacobson, Steven
NCI: Waldmann, Thomas
: Fleisher, Thomas
Childhood Cancer and Plexiform Neurofibroma Tissue Microarray for Molecular Target Screening and Clinical Drug Development NCI: Fox, E.
: Baird, K.
Molecular profiling and drug discovery for patients with PTEN Hamartomatous Tumor Syndromes (PHTS) NCI: Dennis, P.
NHGRI: Elkahoun, A.
Assessing the safety and immunogenicity of a therapeutic vaccination strategy using a DNA plasmid vaccine prime and a recombinant adenovector boost in HIV infected adults NIAID: Graham, Barney
NCI: Partners
Targeting vascular endothelial growth factor-A (VEGF-A) and receptor-2 (VEGFR-2) for the treatment of Primary Effusion Lymphoma NCI: Tosato, Giovanna; Yarchoan, Robert
NIAID: Partners
Pediatric NeuroAIDS in the HAART Era: Identification of Disease Markers and Therapeutic Targets NCI: Hazra, R.
: Major, Eugene; Schwartz, L.
Treatment of Primary-Effusion Lymphoma with Combination Virolytic and Cytotoxic Chemotherapy NCI: Yarchoan, Robert; Little, Richard
: Cohen, Jeffrey

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