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NIH mark National Institutes of Health 2003 Clinical Center Profile

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Message from the Director

Historical Highlights

Clinical Center Governance and Accreditation

Organizational Structure and Programs

The Mark O. Hatfield Clinical Research Center

Preparing for the Clinical Research Center Activation

The Edmond J. Safra Family Lodge

Clinical Research Initiatives

Clinician Highlight

Clinical Research Training Programs

Organizational Effectiveness and Efficiency Initiatives

Public Outreach

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Organizational Structure and Programs

Patient Activity

Chart: Admissions: 02 6539 (-4.3%); New Patients 02 9494 (+3.6%); Inpatient Days 02 49910 (-7.75%); Average Length of Stay 02 7.6 (-3.8%); Outpatient Patients 02 74364 (+2.5%)

Photo: President Truman at the cornerston ceremony.

Tawana Archer, Patient Escort Service, waits patiently for nurses to prepare a patient to be taken to diagnostic radiology. The Clinical Center patient escorts serve as a critical link in the delivery of patient care.

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