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Historical Highlights

Clinical Center Governance and Accreditation

Organizational Structure and Programs

The Mark O. Hatfield Clinical Research Center

Preparing for the Clinical Research Center Activation

The Edmond J. Safra Family Lodge

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Preparing for the Clinical Research Center Activation

Activation plans are being formulated in preparation for completion of the Mark O. Hatfield Clinical Research Center. A CRC Steering Committee provides oversight for the two main arms of the project—the hospital side and laboratory side. In its overview role, the committee concentrates on issues related to the project schedule, budget, major changes, and occupancy. For the hospital arm of the CRC project a Hospital Activation Management Team is responsible for the leadership, oversight and management of daily operations for the hospital activation. The team serves as a focal point for day-to-day issues related to CRC hospital activation planning; makes decisions affecting CRC activation; seeks guidance and approvals from the Clinical Center Research Steering and Medical Executive Committees on issues with broad monetary, operational, or policy impact; develops and analyzes budgetary impact of activation plans; and informs the Research Steering and Medical Executive Committees and other key stakeholders of the progress of the activation, schedule and budget.

A number of CRC Work Groups have been established, for which the Hospital Activation Management Team also provides guidance, support and oversight. These work groups and their respective roles include:

Facility Readiness. The Facility Readiness Work Group manages the transition from finished construction site to readiness for occupancy. The group ensures the space is approved for use, equipped, furnished, stocked, cleaned and secured.

Relocation. The Relocation Work Group plans for the occupancy of each relocating department and patient care unit space in the CRC. To accomplish this, task force groups representing each Clinical Center department will be formed. The task force groups will plan the personnel and equipment relocations by reviewing proposed methods and schedules and identifying any resource requirements necessary for the move.

Telecommunications. The Telecom-munications Work Group ensures that the CRC hospital telecommunication infrastructure needs are identified and cost-effectively satisfied to address voice (i.e., telephones and telephone outlets), cable television and data (i.e., network, computers and printer outlets) requirements.

Communications and Education. The Communications and Education Work Group develops and coordinates a plan for internal patients and patient affiliates, Clinical Center staff, and other facility users’ communications, tours and orientation materials. The group will also plan for the necessary training to familiarize staff with the new hospital spaces, systems, equipment, and new methods or processes designed to conduct business.

Equipment. The Equipment Work Group identifies the necessary equipment and proposes appropriate sources, using existing resources such as the Clinical Center Standardization Committee and departmental representatives. The group will also coordinate both activation and operational equipment purchases.

Furniture. The Furniture Work Group develops criteria for the furniture/furnishings consultant to use in selecting the furniture and furnishings for the hospital area and public spaces in the CRC. The criteria will address matters such as standardization and safety.

Each of the relevant committees, work and task groups meets on a regularly scheduled basis with the same end purpose in mind—to be ready for occupancy when the Mark O. Hatfield Clinical Research Center opens.

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