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Major Programs: Warren Grant Magnuson Clinical Center: Clinical Center Profile 2002

Clinical Research. Clinical Center departments conducting and supporting clinical research are Anesthesia and Surgical Services, Clinical Bioethics, Laboratory Medicine, Critical Care Medicine, Hospital Epidemiology, Imaging Sciences (Diagnostic Radiology, the Laboratory of Diagnostic Radiology Research, Nuclear Medicine, and Positron Emission Tomography), Pharmacy, Rehabilitation Medicine, and Transfusion Medicine.

Photo: Team members in Clinical Rounds.

Multidisciplinary healthcare and research team members participate in clinical rounds.

Patient Care and Hospital Operations. Departments that provide direct care and support for patients include Nursing, Housekeeping and Fabric Care, Clinical Research Informatics, Networks and Applications, Materials Management, Medical Records, Nutrition, Outpatient, Social Work, Spiritual Ministry, and the Patient Representative Program.

Office of the Director. Programs within this office support the management and operational needs of the Clinical Center, including administrative management and planning, patient recruitment and public liaison, communications, the children’s school, hospital safety, facilities management, financial management, human resources, and technology transfer.

Education in Clinical Research. The Clinical Center has assumed a broad role in helping to prepare the next generation of clinical researchers and strengthen educational opportunities for today’s physician-scientists. New programs include the course “Introduction to the Principles and Practice of Clinical Research,” postdoctoral training in clinical pharmacology, a clinical bioethics fellowship, training in biomedical imaging research, and a collaboration with the School of Medicine at Duke University that leads to a master’s degree in Clinical Research.

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