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Clinical Center News
September 2017

NIH Clinical Center staff recognized at 2017 NIH Director's awards

NIH Clinical Center staff at the 2017 NIH Director's award ceremony
Representatives from the NIH Clinical Center Office of Patient Safety and Clinical Quality join Dr. James Gilman, CEO of the Clinical Center (far left) and Dr. Francis Collins, NIH Director (Far right). The group was honored for superior service, especially the rapid development of a vastly improved, more visible, comprehensive patient safety program.

Dr. Francis Collins, director of the National Institutes of Health, acknowledged the achievements of more than 800 individuals from various NIH institutes and centers at the 2017 NIH Director's Awards Sept. 1 (NIH Staff Only).

"As the director of NIH, it is indeed an honor to stand at the helm of an organization that includes such remarkable, dedicated, enthusiastic champions of health," said Collins of the awardees. "Thank you for your outstanding contributions that enable NIH to reach our goals of preventing, diagnosing and treating illnesses and conditions."

Included amongst those recognized were 78 people from a variety of departments and offices in the NIH Clinical Center.

View photos from the awards ceremony.


Karen M. Frank
For rapidly developing a system for evaluating the microbiological safety of sterile products produced at the NIH Clinical Center in a challenging set of circumstances.

Hanh M. Khuu and David F. Stroncek
As part of the National Cancer Institutes' Pediatric Hematologic Malignancies Translational Team, these awardees were honored for the development of highly effective immunotherapy for children and young adults with refractory acute lymphoblastic leukemias (ALL).

Jiaqiang Ren and Fred J. Rogers
As a part of the National Eye Institute's Pioneering Induced Pluripotent Stem (IPS) Cell Technology to Treat AMD Team, these awardees were honored in recognition of developing pioneering cell-based technologies using Induced Pluripotent Stem (IPS) cells to treat blinding eye diseases.

Clinical Center Documentary Team
The National Institutes of Health Office of the Director honored these awardees for work done by the Office of Communications and Media Relations, in support of Discovery Channel's documentary entitled "First in Human: The Trials of Building 10":

Justin G. Cohen
Cindy C. Fisher
Molly H. Freimuth
Michele V. Hanlon
Donovan T. Kuehn
Angela C. Missouri
Maria Maslennikov


Office of Patient Safety and Clinical Quality, NIH Clinical Center Group
For superior service in the Office of Patient Safety and Clinical Quality; especially the rapid development of a vastly improved, more visible, comprehensive patient safety program:

Gina R. Ford
Theresa D. Jerussi
Laura M. Lee
Karla D. Platt
Josanne A. Revoir
Mary J. Sparks

NIH IRB Internship Program Team
Under the National Human Genome Research Institute category, these awardees were honored for exceptional initiative in enhancing the cultural competency and sensitivity of the NIH IRB Internship Program.

Rebecca E. Chen
Renee D. Goodman
Christine Grady
Reidar K. Lie

William A. Hernandez
As part of the OMB M-16-02 Implementation Workgroup, Hernandez was recommended by the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research in recognition for developing and delivering a successful response to the initial requirements of OMB's desktop and laptop category management policy, M-16-02.

In recognition of outstanding and uninterrupted service during a period of prolonged staffing shortages within the Nutrition Department:

Elony P. Abrams
Anna M. Boyer
Rene M. Brown
Crystal M. Cavin
Pamela D. Cooper
Lionel Coriolan
EricaN. Davis
Arden J. Dejesus
Richard R. Gales
Travius A. Hyman
Tasha M. Jackson
Mary E. Jackson
Devin T. Jones
Joseph O. Labosco
Eduardo S. Lalu
Andrew S. Littleton
Priscilla S. Long
Andrew X. Mahy
Vanessa R. Moris
Joyce D. Mungo
Joshua D. Murchison
Cheryl A. Murray
Jorletta A. Ojelade
Juan A. Osorio
Andre G. Peters
Emily A. Philpott
Maurice A. Pitts
Alekos Polyzos
Sara E. Pugh
Tyreik D. Reed
Tanya A. Saunders
Eddie L. Shadding
Debbie Shipp
Ruth E. Shipps
Lateaya C. Snead
Jeff M. Tait
Fay M. Tait-Wedderburn
Michelle Taylor
Tuyen K. Thai
Sharonne V. Waters
Earl T. White
Kevon M. White
Erica A. Wilkins
Kelleigh D. Williams
Mary A. Zimmer

Public Health Service Commissioned Corps Awards

PHS NIH Commissioned Corps Meritorious Service Medal
The Meritorious Service Medal is the second highest Commission Corps honor granted to an officer. It recognizes a single, particularly important achievement; a career notable for accomplishments in technical or professional fields; or unusually high quality and initiative in leadership.

  • Capt. Daniel Chertow

Received this medal for meritorious service to the NIH, the Corps and the Department of Health and Human Services for leadership in the US Ebola Virus Disease response.

PHS NIH Commissioned Corps Outstanding Service Medal
The Outstanding Service Medal is presented to the Commissioned Officers who have demonstrated outstanding, continuous leadership in carrying out the mission of the Public Health Service; performed a single accomplishment which has had a major effect on the health of the Nation; or performed a heroic act results in the preservation of life or health.

  • Capt. Margaret Bevans

Received this medal for outstanding leadership in the implementation of an electronic patient reported outcomes measurement system in the NIH intramural research program.

  • Capt. Ann Matlock

Received this medal for outstanding nursing leadership and management in the opening of the Special Clinical Studies Unit (SCSU) at NIH.

  • Cmdr. Allison Adams

Received this medal for outstanding leadership in a dual role as chief nursing officer supervising 34 officers of varying ranks and operations chief during the Monrovia Medical Unit Mission.

PHS NIH Commissioned Corps Outstanding Unit Citation
The Outstanding Unit Citation is granted to a group of officers who exhibit outstanding contributions toward achieving the goals and objectives of the Corps. To merit this award, the Unit must have provided outstanding service, often of national significance.

  • Capt. Bart Drinkard

As part of the Annual Physical Fitness Test Working Group, this awardee received this citation for efficiently researching and recommending changes to improve the physical readiness requirements for all USPHS officers.

  • Special Clinical Studies Unit

These awardees received this citation for providing exemplary nursing care for patients at the NIH Clinical Center exposed to or infected with the Ebola Virus Disease.

Lt. Cmdr. Yolawnda McKinney
Lt. Kimberly Adao
Lt. Yvette Downing
Lt. Alexander Ross
Lt. Jason Wood

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