For March 3, 1999

Dr. Ira Pastan has headed NCI's Laboratory of Molecular Biology since 1970. He earned his undergraduate and medical degrees at Tufts, and did an internship and residency at Grace-New Haven Hospital.

Dr. Pastan joined NIH in 1959 as a clinical associate with NIAMD, where he carried out thyroid research. He then served as a post-doctoral fellow with NHLBI, before returning to NIAMD in 1963, and then to NCI in 1969. In 1970 he was appointed chief of NCI's Laboratory of Molecular Biology.

Dr. Pastan's current research is in recombinant immunotoxins for therapy of cancer. He started a gene discovery program focused on prostate and breast tumors to identify new targets for this therapy. He is also studying the human multidrug resistance gene--MDR1.

Dr. Pai-Scherf was born in Taiwan,and attended the University of Sao Paulo, in Brazil, earning undergraduate and medical degrees. She then traveled to Detroit for an internship and residency in internal medicine at Wayne State University. She stayed on there as a chief resident and clinical instructor in internal medicine for three years.

In 1988, Dr. Pai-Scherf joined NIH as a clinical associate and medical staff fellow in the Medicine Branch of the National Cancer Institute. Dr. Pai-Scherf is presently a senior clinical investigator and medical officer with NCI's Laboratory of Molecular Biology, where she is working on developing recombinant immunotoxins for treatment of tumors.

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