For March 24, 1999

Dr. Lavdena Orr is the director of the Child and Adolescent Protection Center at Children's National Medical Center, in Washington, D.C. Dr. Orr earned her medical degree at the University of Miami, and then trained in pediatric medicine at Children's. She has been with Children's ever since, serving as a pediatrician and assistant medical director of the Division of Child Protection. When that division was renamed the Child and Adolescent Protection Center in 1994, Dr. Orr became director. The Center provides medical and mental health services, crisis intervention, and safety assessment to children from birth to age 18.

Dr. Orr's research interests include the timing of closed head injuries in suspected nonaccidental injuries, and radiographic findings in such cases.

Dr. Harvey Alter earned his medical degree at the University of Rochester Medical School, and trained in internal medicine at Strong Memorial Hospital and at the University Hospitals in Seattle. In 1961, he came to the National Institutes of Health as a clinical associate.

He then spent several years with Georgetown University, but returned to NIH in 1969 to join the Clinical Center's Department of Transfusion Medicine as a senior investigator. Today he is chief of the Infectious Diseases Section in that department.

Dr. Alter has devoted his career to the study of the hepatitis viruses. He was co-investigator in the discovery of the Australia antigen, and was principal investigator in studies that identified non-A, non-B hepatitis, now called hepatitis C.

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