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Jose Galvez, MD

Jose Galvez, MD
Office of Biomedical Translational Research Informatics (BTRIS)

Academic Degrees
BS, University of California, Los Angeles
MD, University of California, Davis School of Medicine


Phone: 301-443-9696

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Jose Galvez, MD


Dr. Jose Galvez earned his BS in Biochemistry from the University of California, Los Angeles and his MD from University of California (UC), Davis School of Medicine.  After receiving his MD, Dr. Galvez completed his pathology residency and informatics fellowship at the UC Davis School of Medicine.  Upon completion, he joined the International Tele-Pathology Group, Virginia, as the Director of Anatomic and Clinical Pathology and the Chief Information Officer.  

For ten years, Dr. Galvez was the Director of Bioinformatics, an Assistant Professor of Pathology, and the Director of Electron Microscopy at the Center for Comparative Medicine at the UC Davis School of Medicine.  He directed the Bioinformatics Program and provided leadership to center faculty in information management and representation issues.  He also developed the UC Davis Health System’s Health Informatics Program and supported various national-level efforts, including the National Cancer Institute (NCI)-sponsored Mouse Models of Human Cancer Consortium.

In addition, Dr. Galvez was a contractor with the National Heart, Blood and Lung Institute’s Center for Biomedical Informatics as a Senior Clinical Informaticist.  In this position, he delivered senior-level assistance to the Program Director while acting as a biomedical subject matter expert.  His next position was with NCI as the Program Director of Clinical Translational Informatics, where he helped build a portfolio of all NCI-funded clinical trials.  While at NCI, he also guided scientific collaborations, including the United States-Latin American Cancer Research Network in partnership with Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, and Uruguay.   

In his latest position, Dr. Galvez was the Program Director of Clinical and Translational Informatics with NCI’s Center for Biomedical Informatics and Information Technology (CBIIT).

As the Chief of the Office of Biomedical Translational Research Informatics, Dr. Galvez hopes to augment the data in Biomedical Translational Research Information System (BTRIS) to help researchers and patients understand what is currently available and what still needs to be studied.  BTRIS is a treasure trove of information, and Dr. Galvez plans to utilize that gift to the fullest extent.

Honors and Awards

Dr. Galvez received the NIH Award of Merit for Clinical Trial Repository Collaboration with FDA in 2014; the NCI Director’s Award: Marker Nomenclature and Database Committee for the Clinical Trials Reporting Project (CTRP) in 2012; and the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute Star Award in 2010.

Selected Publications

Cardiff, R. D., C. H. Miller, R. J. Munn, and J. J. Galvez. 2014. “Structured Reporting in Anatomic Pathology for Coclinical Trials: The caELMIR Model.” Cold Spring Harbor Protocols 2014 (1). doi:10.1101/pdb.top078790.

Cardiff, R. D., N. E. Hubbard, J. A. Engelberg, R. J. Munn, C. H. Miller, J. E. Walls, J. Q. Chen, et al. 2013. “Quantitation of Fixative-Induced Morphologic and Antigenic Variation in Mouse and Human Breast Cancers.” Laboratory Investigation: a Journal of Technical Methods and Pathology 93 (4) (April): 480-497. doi:10.1038/labinvest.2013.10.

Cardiff, R. D., R. J. Munn, and J. J. Galvez. 2006. “The Tumor Pathology of Genetically Engineered Mice: A New Approach to Molecular Pathology.” In The Mouse in Biomedical Research: Experimental Biology and Oncology, 581-622. New York: Elsevier, Inc.

Galvez, J. J., R. Giberson, and R. D. Cardiff. 2006. “The Role of Microwave Radiation in Reducing Formaldehyde Fixation Times Demonstrated in Liver.” Journal of Histotechnology 29 (2): 113-121.

Galvez, J. J. and U. Wagner. 2005. “caELMIR – Electronic Laboratory Management Information and Retrieval System: A Data Management System for Pre-Clinical Experimental Data.” MMHCC II 2006 Annual Meeting.

Galvez, J. J., and U. Wagner. 2005. “MMHCC Informatics Subcommittee Findings on Pre-Clinical Trials and Data Assessment Survey.” In MMHCC II Steering Committee Meeting. New Brunswick, NJ.

Borowsky, A. D., R. J. Munn, J. J. Galvez, R. D. Cardiff, J. M. Ward, H. C. Morse, S. C. Kogan, K. D. Aldape, D. N. Louis, and M.W. Bosenberg. 2004. “Mouse Models of Human Cancers (part 3).” Comparative Medicine 54 (3): 258-70.

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Galvez, J. J., R. Giberson, and R. D. Cardiff. 2004. “Microwave Mechanisms – The Energy/Heat Dichotomy.” Microscopy Today 12 (2): 18-23.

Neito, A. I., G. Shyamala, J. J. Galvez, G. Thordarson, L. M. Wakefield, and R. D. Cardiff. 2003. “Persistent Mammary Hyperplasia in FVB/N Mice” Comparative Medicine 53 (4): 433-8.

Park, J. H., J. E. Walls, J. J. Galvez, M. Kim, C. Abate-Shen, M. M. Shen, and R. D. Cardiff. 2002. “Prostatic Intraepithelial Neoplasia in Genetically Engineered Mice.” The American Journal of Pathology 161 (2): 727-35.

Uehara, N., Y. Chou, J. J. Galvez, P. de-Candia, R. D. Cardiff, R. Benezra, and G. Shymala. 2003. “Id-1 Is Not Expressed in the Luminal Epithelial Cells of Mammary Glands.” Breast Cancer Res 5: R25-9.

Wakefield, L. M., G. Thordarson, A. I. Neito, G. Shyamala, J. J. Galvez, M. R. Anver, and R. D. Cardiff. 2003. “Spontaneous Pituitary Abnormality and Mammary Hyperplasia in FVB/NCr Mice: Implication for Mouse Modeling.” Comparative Medicine 53 (4): 424-32.

Galvez, J. J., L. Howell, M. J. Costa, and R. Davis. 1998. “Diagnostic Concordance of Telecytology and Conventional Cytology for Evaluating Breast Aspirates.” Acta Cytologica 42 (3): 663-7.

Galvez, J. J. 1996. “Telecytology of Breast FNAs.” In Highman Lectureship. The Department of Medical Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, School of Medicine, University of California, Davis.

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