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For further information, please contact the Course Coordinator:

Kristin Baird, MD
Clinical Director
Pediatric Oncology Branch
National Cancer Institute
Building 10, Room 1W-3742
Bethesda, MD 20892-1104
Phone: (301) 451-0391

Elective Rotations for Residents and Clinical Fellows: Resident Electives

Pediatric Oncology

Fall, Winter, and Spring Sessions. Four-Week Session and as arranged.
Course Description

The Pediatric Oncology Branch (POB) practices a combined modality approach to the treatment of childhood malignancies, especially sarcomas and recurrent tumors. The POB has programs in active drug development, experimental therapeutics, and immunotherapy. Patients include children, adolescents, and young adults enrolled in current National Institutes of Health (NIH)-sponsored clinical trials. The rotation emphasizes the important connection between research and patient care in pediatric oncology. The Resident will be supervised directly by the POB attending physician and clinical Fellows. Residents will attend daily inpatient and outpatient rounds and multiple weekly POB conferences. Residents are expected to research relevant topics and present a 30-minute talk toward the end of their rotation.


  • Peter D. Aplan, MD
  • Kristin Baird, MD
  • Terry Fry, MD
  • Jason Levine, MD
  • Lee J. Helman, MD
  • Javed Khan, MD
  • Rosie Kaplan, MD
  • Crystall L. Mackall, MD
  • Paul S. Meltzer, MD, PhD
  • Melinda Merchant, MD
  • Kathy Warren, MD
  • Alan S. Wayne, MD
  • Brigitte C. Widemann, MD

Selection of Applicants

Apply online using the Resident Elective Program application form. Applicants should indicate their goals for the rotation in their cover letter. Only one Resident will be allowed per session. Availability may be limited due to programmatic constraints.

This is a highly specialized rotation in research Pediatric Oncology. Only residents with experience and/or interest in pediatric oncology will be considered and possibly selected, on a case-by-case basis.

This page last reviewed on 05/10/2016

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