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Nutrition Department

Management Staff

  • David Folio, MS, RD: Chief, Nutrition Department
    • Madeline Michael, MPH, RD: Section Chief, Clinical Nutrition Services
      • Merel Kozlosky, MS, RD: Director, Dietetic Internship and Supervisory Metabolic Dietitian
    • Jennifer Widger, RD: Section Chief, Food Services
      • Lee Unangst, RD: Dietitian Informaticist
      • Anita Bailey, MS, RD: Quality Assurance Specialist
      • Robert Hedetniemi, Certified Executive Chef

Administrative Staff

  • Monique Ladner
  • Linda Collins

Clinical Research Dietitians

Our clinical research dietitians maintain certification as Registered Dietitians with the Commission on Dietetic Registration and have advanced degrees in their related areas of expertise.

Our Clinical Research Dietitians are:

  • Sara Bergerson, MS, RD
  • Shanna Bernstein, MPH, RD
  • Amber Courville, PhD, RD
  • Danielle Fatemi MS RD
  • Marnie Dobbin, MS, RD
  • Merel Kozlosky, MS, RD
  • Rachael Lopez MPH, RD
  • Jennifer Myles, MS, RD
  • Madeline Michael, MPH, RD
  • Kelly Verdin, RD
  • Kirsten Zambell, PhD, RD

RD = Registered Dietitian 
MPH = Master’s degree in public health
MS = Master’s degree in science
PhD = Doctorate of Philosophy

Clinical and Metabolic Health Technicians

Our clinical and metabolic health technicians provide support to patients and dietitians, assisting with Clinical Nutrition Services and Nutrition Research Services. They have training in nutrition and can assist with nutritional supplements, special menus, patient education, and dietary assessment.

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