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January 2015

Cameron Diaz (left), Sandra Bark (right), and Dr. Kong Chen (center)
Cameron Diaz, actress and author of The Body Book, visited the NIH with the book's co-author Sandra Bark while conducting research for a second book about healthy aging.

In this issue:
Test results quickly available through Patient Portal
Staying social with the Clinical Center in 2014
Sterilization device installed to support high containment unit

Obama expresses gratitude for treatment of patient with Ebola and ongoing research
President Barack Obama visited the Clinical Center and Vaccine Research Center Dec. 2, 2014. Read more of this story...

A surprising 'engagement' takes place at the Clinical Center
On the Friday after Thanksgiving, amongst the hustle and bustle of research and medical appointments, a life-changing event for the Galat family took place for the second time at the Clinical Center. Read more of this story...


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