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July 2015

Experts at the NIH Clinical Center providing a demonstration to Lin Bin, the minister of China's National Health and Family Planning Commission
China's Vice Premier and minister of the National Health and Family Planning Commission visited NIH June 24 for a bilateral meeting on Ebola, research and global health security.

In this issue:
Decker Memorial Lecture showcases cardiovascular risk, insulin resistance
New patient representative begins post
Helping to make NIH the National Institutes of Hope for 25 years

Advances made in diagnosing coronary heart disease
Experts at the NIH Clinical Center recently published findings that could help healthcare professionals better identify, diagnose and treat coronary artery disease more quickly and effectively. The disease accounts for 17 million deaths a year. Read more of this story...

South African researchers benefit from Clinical Center expertise
Experts from the Department of Health and Human Services, under the leadership of Clinical Center Director Dr. John I. Gallin, traveled to South Africa in May to share clinical research best practices with local scientists. The Clinical Center's experience in teaching the principles of clinical research was the key component in this educational exchange. Read more of this story...


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