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October 2014

The NIH Bear receiving a flu vaccine
The annual flu immunization clinic is open through Oct. 25 to employees and contractors. The 'NIH Bear' recently made his second appearance on campus just to get his flu shot.

In this issue:
Two decades of donations: NIH Blood Bank celebrates a donor's milestone of giving
Electronic health records system turns 10

Second annual Clinical Fellows Day draws aspiring researchers

NIH celebrates 20th anniversary of allogeneic stem cell transplants
The NIH Blood and Marrow Transplant Consortium held a two-day celebration of the 20th Anniversary of Allogeneic Stem Cell Transplants at NIH in September. Read more of this story...

Distinguished Clinical Teaching Award presented to NIDDK doctor
The 2014 NIH Distinguished Clinical Teaching Award was presented in September to Dr. Ranganath Muniyappa by the NIH Fellows Committee for his commitment to training clinical investigators at the NIH and overall contribution to medical education. Read more of this story...


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