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Going Green: Increase Recycling
Recycling bins

Confused about what to recycle and where?

Visit the NIH Environmental Management
System website
for more information.

The NIH produces over 95 tons of trash each week. Much of this trash can be recycled instead. Believe it or not, almost everything at NIH is recyclable, even in the Clinical Center!  Before throwing items in the trash, please stop to consider if they’re recyclable.

Please Note:

  • Medical Records or paperwork containing sensitive information must be shredded and not recycled.
  • If a large hallway NIH recycling container needs to be emptied, contact the NIH Recycling Center! Phone: 301-496-7990 (301-402-6349)

Here are ways you can help support this effort:

  1. Recycle used inkjet or toner cartridges in bins found throughout the CC.
    For every cartridge recycled, $1.00 is donated to NIH Charities (The Children's Inn at NIH, Special Love for Children with Cancer-Camp Fantastic, Friends of the Clinical Center).
  2. Recycle mixed paper and comingled goods (glass, plastic, aluminum).
    Before throwing items in the trash, please stop to consider if it’s recyclable and utilize the centralized recycling bins in CC hallways.
  3. Utilize desk side recycling bins.
    The CC Green Team distributed over 700 desk side recycling bins to help the CC community increase recycling rates. Do you need a set of desk-side bins? Contact us at
Page last updated: 06/26/2015