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Richard C. Reba, MD
Staff Clinician
Radiology and Imaging Sciences

Loyola College
MD, University of Maryland School of Medicine


Phone: 301-631-7252

Portrait of Dr. Richard Reba


Dr. Richard Reba received his MD degree in 1957 and served as a Resident in Internal Medicine at the University of Maryland and a Resident in Medicine and post-doctoral research Fellow in Nuclear Medicine at the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions. He is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Nuclear Medicine.

Dr. Reba has previously been appointed as Associate Professor of Medicine & Radiology, and Chief, Clinical Nuclear Medicine Section, Johns Hopkins; Professor of Radiology and Medicine and Director, Division of Nuclear Medicine, George Washington University Medical School; Professor of Radiology and Chief, Nuclear Medicine Section, University of Chicago; and Professor, Radiology and Medicine, Georgetown University.  He served as a Special Assistant to the Associate Director, Cancer Imaging Programs, NCI, from 2000-2005 and has been a Staff Nuclear Medicine Clinician in the Clinical Center since 2007.  Dr. Reba is a past-president of the Society of Nuclear Medicine and the American College of Nuclear Physicians and is an elected Fellow of the American College of Physicians and the American College of Nuclear Physicians.

Dr. Reba has been a consultant and advisor to a number of national and international organizations including the IAEA, FAA, VA, and DOE.  He has served on three NIH study sections, chairman of two.  He has served on four NAS/IoM expert committees.

His research interests have been in the area of drug development, specifically the development and application of SPECT and PET radiopharmaceuticals for the diagnosis and treatment of human disease.

Selected Publications (some recent from 333 peer review and invited)

Cohen VI, Jin B, McCree RC, Boulay SF, Cohen EI, Sood VK, Zeeberg BR, Reba RC: In-vitro and in-vivo m2 muscarinic subtype selectivity of some dibenzodiazepinones and pyridobenzodiazepinones.  Brain Research 861:305-315, 2000.

Whitlock JL, Roeske JC, Dietz ML, Straus CM, Hines JJ, Horwitz EP, Reba RC, Rotmensch J:  Radionuclide therapy for the treatment of microscopic ovarian carcinoma:  An overview.  J Ind & Engineering Research, 39:3135-3139, 2000.

Reba RC, Atcher RW, Bennett RG, Finn RD, Knight LC, Kramer HH, Mtingwa S, Ruth TJ, Sullivan DC, Woodard JB: Final Report, NERAC Subcommittee For Isotope Research & Production Planning.  April 2000, pp 1-32.  Published on line by the U.S. Dept. of Energy and may be viewed at URL PDF icon (1.65 MB)

Kapp OH , Siemion J , Kuo J , Johnson  BA, Shankaran VA , Reba RC, Mukherjee
J: Comparison of the interaction of dopamine and high affinity positron emission tomography radiotracer fallypride with the dopamine D-2 receptor: A molecular modeling study. Journal of Molecular Modeling, 7:6-18, 2001.

Lipton MJ, Bogaert J, Boxt L, Reba RC: Imaging of ischemic heart disease.  European J. Radiology, 12:1061-1080, 2002

Wang SJ, Whitlock JL, Soyland C, Hassfjell SP, Stinchcomb TG, Rotmensch J, Reba RC, Roeske JC: Characterization of an alpha-particle irradiator for individual cell dosimetry measurements. Cancer Biotherapy and Radiopharmaceuticals 18(3): 437-444, 2003.

Roeske JC, Soyland C, Wang SJ, Stinchcomb TG Hassfjell SP, Whitlock JL, Reba RC, Rotmensch J: Image processing tools for alpha-particle track-etch dosimetry. Cancer Biotherapy and Radiopharmaceuticals 18(3): 425-430, 2003.

Chon Y-W, Motamedi GK, Laufenberg  I, Sohn S, Lim J-G, Lee H, Yi, S-D, Lee J-H, Kim D-K, Reba RC, Gaillard WD, Theodore WH, Lesser RP, Steinlein OK: A Korean Kindred with Familial Nocturnal Frontal Lobe Epilepsy (ADNFLE) and Mental Retardation. Archives of Neurology 60:1625-1632, 2003.

Roeske JC, Lujan A, Reba RC, Penney BC, Yamada DS, Mundt AJ: Incorporation of SPECT bone marrow imaging into intensity modulated whole-pelvic radiation therapy treatment planning for gynecologic malignancies. Radiother Oncol.  77:11-17, 2005.

Tatum JL, Kelloff GJ, Gillies RJ, Arbeit JM, Brown JM, Chao KS, Chapman JD, Eckelman WC, Fyles AW, Giaccia AJ, Hill RP, Koch CJ, Krishna MC, Krohn KA, Lewis JS, Mason RP, Melillo G, Padhani AR, Powis G, Rajendran JG, Reba R, Robinson SP, Semenza GL, Swartz HM, Vaupel P, Yang D, Croft B, Hoffman J, Liu G, Stone H, Sullivan D: Hypoxia: importance in tumor biology, noninvasive measurement by imaging, and value of its measurement in the management of cancer therapy. Int J Radiat Biol. 82:699-75, 2006.

Smodis ML, Reba RC, Earl-Graef D: Positron Emission Tomography in the Diagnosis and Management of Giant Cell Arteritis.  Headache: The Journal of Head & Face Pain 47:1216-1219, 2007.

Eckelman WC, Reba RC, Kelloff GA: The Impact of Targeted Imaging on Disease Progression in the Era of Personalized Medicine. Drug Discovery Today 2008 Sep;13(17-18):748-59.

Sarikaya I, Reba RC: Gamma probes and their use in tumor detection in colorectal cancer. International Sem in Surg Onc International Sem in Surg Onc, 2008 (Nov) 5:25- on line

Whipple C, Larson SM, Atkins-Duffin C, Boardman A, Bostock DJ, Estes GB, Osborne-Lee IW, Peterson EJ, Reba RC, Ritchie IG, Ruth TJ, Vujic J, Wymer RG:  The Production of Medical Isotopes Without HEU, National Academy Press, 2009.

Dyall J, Johnson RF, Chen D-Y, et al.: Evaluation of Monkeypox Disease Progression by Molecular Imaging. J Infect Dis. (2011) first published online October 19, 2011 doi:10.1093/infdis/jir663

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