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Welcome from the Director

Picture of Dr. John I. Gallin, Director of the NIH Clinical Center

John I. Gallin, MD
NIH Clinical Center

Welcome to the NIH Clinical Center.

Sixty years ago, the Clinical Center opened its doors to exploring the possibilities of medical advances that would impact the world. Today, we celebrate numerous achievements that together our researchers, staff and patients have made along the way.

At the dedication of the National Institutes of Health and its grounds in 1940, President Franklin D. Roosevelt said, "We cannot be a strong nation unless we are a healthy nation." Thirteen years later, the Clinical Center admitted its first patient, and through the years, we have honored this sentiment, prevailing as a driving force behind many of the nation's greatest achievements in public health.

We are continuing to work across scientific disciplines to tackle major public health problems, and we are building new data repositories to encourage data sharing.

As we strengthen our focus on patient-centered care, we are introducing new technologies to improve patients' access to their medical records from any location; to enhance online social inter-actions within and outside the Clinical Center and to increase patient safety through point-of-care clinical interventions.

Our patients remain at the forefront of our purpose. The medical crises they face may be rare or common: many of them are overwhelming and daunting. However, despite the challenges they face, they remain hopeful for medical cures, if not for themselves then for those who follow closely behind.

We are encouraged by our historical progress, inspired by our patients' faith and perseverance and fueled by the unfailing dedication and commitment of our researchers, health care professionals and administrative staff to forge ahead, imagining new possibilities for the next generation.

John I. Gallin, MD
NIH Clinical Center

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